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How to Choose a Post-Construction Cleaning Service

While it’s tempting to let your own building crew take care of post- construction cleaning, there are some vital reasons to hire a specialist instead. After all, you’re probably too busy, and nothing will waste your time and money both like having to do a back job.

Below are tips to help you pick the best post-construction cleaning company:

Specialist Experience

The post-construction cleanup service you choose will surely affect your own name as a builder, so choose one that is already established in the industry, meaning, a reputable company that has been around for several years. Again, don’t forget that you want a specialist in post-construction cleanups instead of just any commercial cleaning generalist.

Building projects are not all created equal, varying in many ways, such as in the installation of appliances and flooring. Imagine a condo development: If you were to hire a number of companies to do different jobs, that would be very costly.

It’s smart to bring in a post-construction cleanup service that offers a wide array of specialized services, from carpet cleaning and stain removal to window cleaning (indoor and outdoor) and the rest. Certainly, all the workers should be have insurance and certifications for working with particular cleaning equipment. The more services the company provides, the more time and cash you’ll save from not having to subcontract more people.

Customer Service

Post construction cleaning services are normally provided within 48 hours of building completion, but in certain cases, such as when the site must be cleaned up after vandalism or to prepare for a new subcontractor, the cleaners must be available Immediately. Make sure to pick a service that will come as they are needed.

Total Accountability

Last but not least, ask yourself three questions when considering accountability:

Does the company have a reputation for reliability?

Pick a construction cleanup service that has a good reputation in terms of finishing a project on time, coming prepared and ready, and for finishing the job on schedule and without any added unanticipated costs.

Are they detail-oriented?

You want a construction cleanup service that will be able to manage itself. Otherwise, you would be defeating your purpose for hiring them in the first place.

Are their quotations and billing fair enough?

Save yourself headaches by hiring a cleanup company that bothers to inspect a cleaning project before coming up with an accurate, no-obligation quote, and that stands by their it, meaning no added charges as soon as the job is granted). This is one of the reasons you should always read customer reviews online, where people talk about their experiences with the different services they’ve used.

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