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Safety Rules for Campers below Twelve Years

Those who love camping will testify to you that camping is the best activity to partake in because of the adventure and joy that the company environment has. You need time away from everything you’ve been doing the entire year and camping is the best way of using your leisure time. Camping is lovely, but the environment exposes children to so many risks; therefore you should understand sure that the children are safe at the camp. You should apply these measures to achieve maximum security for your children at the camp.

Determine the diseases that you are highly susceptible to contract at the camp and get the vaccination for prevention. You may be careful with the children, but you will not always be with them at the camp; therefore ensure that they have the tetanus vaccination for protection from tetanus when they get cut or bruised. Make your children understand the importance of not running around the camp because they may trip and fall over anything and get severe cuts.

Never allow the children to carry any source of heat and light into the tent because carbon dioxide will accumulate. Children may defy your orders, but you should be ready in advance to give first aid by reading more on first aid for carbon dioxide suffocation. Carbon dioxide is colorless and odorless; therefore, your sense of smell and taste cannot detect to know if it has accumulated in a tent, but you should take preventive measures. Avoid taking anything that can ignite fire into the tent such as candles because of the children by play around with them and make the tent to catch fire by accident.

Ensure that you choose a safe ground far away from animals to erect your tent. Insist on your kids watching animals from afar preferably with the help of binoculars. Warn the children against throwing objects like the food at animals because it will make them grow closer.

Ensure that you have preventive equipment that will protect mosquitoes and other insects from getting into the tent. Sleeping gowns, bags and pajamas of bright colors are suitable for camping because you will say any insect that may try to crawl on their children. Prevent kids from bringing food into the tent because the scent of food like bananas will draw the attention of animals such as monkeys into the tent.

Check the children’s bags to ensure that they have clothes that will be used for any weather changes and activities. Temperature drop too low in some areas at night and shoots during the day. Find out in advance the activities children will engaging and carry the right exercising gear.

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