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Choosing a Good UX Design Agency

With the huge number of UX (user experience) design agencies these days, you might think the right one is easy to find. Watch out! Don’t get burned. Remember, you’re looking for a great digital product experience, something your customers are bound to like too. Before you commit to anyone, go over a few basic points to know who’s really right for the job.

Hire an agency, not an individual.

Whether you choose a company with 10 to 100 employees, it might not count. What does is avoiding a freelancer. Unless you can prove that this guy or gal is truly reliable, don’t think they can’t evaporate into thin air and leave you with a half-baked website. In simple terms, find a UX agency that has shown that they are financially and operationally stable. This is typically the kind of agency that can give you successful results as well as have the ability to grow with you. On the other hand, you’ll want to avoid too big companies that tend to have excessively rigid internal procedures. If a UX design agency has at least 200 employees, they may be too diluted to have any concrete power.

Their client list should include at least one major brand.

People have a tendency to exaggerate this part. Even if a UX company hasn’t worked with Google or Facebook, that still doesn’t mean they don’t have brilliant designers on board. However, they should have at least one big name among their clientele. Otherwise, they might be a new company.

They are active in the design community.

Besides working on digital products, UX designs typically support the design community as well. Explore their website to know if they have a book, blog or any regularly published material.

They should be able to provide case studies that include UX process and design decisions.

One thing you’ll find on all UX design websites are case studies. But don’t stop at nice pictures. Look into their design process and stories. What were their challenges and how were these resolved? If you can find real design decisions made as part of working on these projects, instead of just empty PR text, then you may have found a good agency.

They should be nice.

Take note that you and your UX agency will be spending a considerable amount of time together. If you don’t even get along, how can you expect great outcomes? Many people take this part for granted, which can lead to disaster.

Compare before choosing.

Lastly, don’t hire a UX designer unless you have also checked out two or three other companies. There’s no way of telling which is best until you made some comparisons.

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