Small rips and holes in vinyl liners at the top of the pool can be easily fixed with a do-it-yourself kit. Other problems, such as water leaking from an unidentified place or a malfunctioning pump, require professional Pool repair in Bucks and Montgomery County. This is especially true when the pool owner isn’t familiar with how to make these kinds of repairs and when the work will probably be complicated.

Preventing a Scum Line

Technicians can provide advice on how to prevent certain problems. For example, any contaminants in the water tend to rise to surface and move to the sides. There, these substances gradually cause discoloration if the water line is not cleaned regularly. The scum buildup may include suntan oil, sunscreen, hand lotion and even normal body oil. Technicians from a company such as Sparklean Pools not only do repair work, they offer maintenance programs that keep the pool clean.

Cleaning a Discoloration Line

If the pool owners choose to do this work on their own, they should only use a vinyl cleaner suitable for swimming pool liners. The cleaner should not contain any abrasives or phosphates. Enzymes added to the water also help to break down contaminants so they don’t stick to the side and gradually stain the liner. If it’s already too late and the discoloration line is obvious, that line can be covered with products developed for this purpose. They adhere to the pool wall, similar to the way wallpaper borders do in a home.

Other Strategies

By keeping the pool maintained and clean, and making sure repairs are done promptly, the liner and components should all have a long lifespan. In addition, a certain amount of care should be taken in regard to playing in the water. If kids toss metal toys into the water, that may scratch, rip, or ding the lining. It can be fun to let the family dog splash around in the shallow end, but the dog’s nails may cause damage.

There are additional strategies for preventing the need for liner repair, allowing the material to last for up to 20 years. Some pool owners believe this is impossible, but it can be done with some tender loving care.